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April 17-18

April 17

11:00 AM
Laurie Ruettimann & Meg Buckingham

Overcoming the Universal Forces of Failure

The internet is overflowing with inspirational quotes about failure. If we don’t fail, we never grow. If we give up on ourselves, we give up on our dreams. There’s no shame in trying, there is only shame in quitting.

It’s clear these people have never had jobs.

Today’s workforce has never been more talented and disruptive. We’re educated, we are mobile, and we embrace change. Unfortunately, nobody told our managers and clients who treat us like children and admonish us for failing.

If failure is so critical to growth, how can we overcome risk-averse leadership styles and do cool stuff at work?

Hell if I know.

But we’ll try to do something interesting in this session. We will cover the universal forces of failure that impact every working professional. These are the known and unknown glitches that doom us to failure.

It’s possible for leaders to exhibit significant value to an organization while being human and creating a safe space to experiment, and we’ll talk about that. And we will explore how to manage friction between an innovative workforce and the organizational expectations and politics that drag us all down.

H.G. Wells wrote, “If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” It’s time for creative professionals to stand up, overcome the universal forces of failure, and confidentially fail.

I know you’re ready.



Laurie Ruettimann

Founder & CEO




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Meg Buckingham

Director of Marketing and Communications

Triangle Community Foundation



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