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April 17-18
Communications Manager

Justine Hebron

An experienced strategic manager across several fields, Justine has a vibrant network from film, arts, tech, politics, media and nonprofit. She is committed to connecting people in the name of a social cause, is a proud pop culture fanatic and will drive you to your polling place on Election Day.

Justine’s career started in feature film production, took a turn toward public service and arrived in nonprofit communications. Justine joined Spitfire as communications manager of the AndACTION team. In this role, she combines her background in film with her commitment to social good to connect causes to powerful, culturally relevant stories to spark change.

Justine started her career in the motion picture industry working as a production coordinator on feature films including “The Patriot” (Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger) and “Mystery Men” (Ben Stiller, Geoffrey Rush) with studios such as Columbia, Sony Pictures and Universal. After more than a decade in film production, she turned toward her passion for civic engagement and concern for the greater social good, and became a public high school teacher in the LA Unified School District.

Teaching illuminated a path of service in search of tangible solutions, leading Justine to serve as the regional outreach manager for a grassroots campaign to create the first United States Public Service Academy. Most recently, she worked at a nonprofit think tank called Next Generation, where she played an integral role in the launch and management of two initiatives – the Risky Business Project, which quantified the economic risk of climate change in the U.S., and Too Small To Fail, a national campaign to promote early vocabulary development and close the word gap.

Both a Maven and Connector (for fellow Tipping Point aficionados), no information is too trivial for Justine. She is a loud laugher, and knows her way around a carnitas burrito.


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Day 1 – April 17

Hollywood is Covering Your Cause

3:00 | Theatre

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